I don’t know why I’m here again. Not here, on my bed, in my room, at home… But here, this ‘place’ that I hate. The place where wild confusion and unpredictable tears rule. I promised I wouldn’t put myself in this position again; ‘I’m not being fairΒ to me’, I decided. Sitting here I’m mulling over … More Perplexed


I stare at it. The icing a soft melting brown, the triangular shaped space where a slice used to be. It’s already cut. It’s waiting for someone to call over the counter and… I move on. Watching the wooden -or are they secretly plastic?- trays sliding along the bars, propelled by customer’s hands, I remember … More Cake

Autumn Breeze

Soft wind and the odd dry, fluttering leaf heading for the ground tell me it is Autumn. I thought this passing of time would feel awkward considering, like most teenagers, I had succeeded in overestimating the power of summer and was now left without half the joyful memories I’d promised myself would be in my … More Autumn Breeze

Roof Cat.

I just watched a cat on a roof. It wasn’t a particularly high roof but high enough that the cat couldn’t jump to the ground. It teetered for a moment then stepped down onto what looks from here to be some sort of rusty metal guttering, tiptoed around until it found the right spot then … More Roof Cat.


Usually I wake up feeling like you might if you had a hangover. Once, talking to a friend, my symptoms were described as ~periods~ minus the blood- obviously. To me this is normal. To me this is life because I can’t remember any differently. Maybe every healthy person wakes up feeling like this? How ill … More 13/06/2016