Visible Illness

This isn’t a normal campaign. I’m not asking you to donate money, time or to give up anything that is precious to you. I am only hoping that in time you might choose to. Invisible illness sufferers often seem ‘healthy’ or ‘fine’ to look at. Our awareness weeks and days come and go and a frustratingly huge … More Visible Illness

Face Makeup Tutorial

Criticising this I would have to say it’s not as realistic as May’s in my opinion. I feel that the red lipstick base would have improved it as the dark brown crème foundation does tend to take over! I personally prefer using powders to creams as they don’t seem to sludge together so much- the creams … More Face Makeup Tutorial

Using Visible Makeup To Represent Invisible Pain

AWARENESS CAMPAIGN FOR ALL SUFFERING WITH INVISIBLE PAIN #VISIBLEILLNESS ~ In May I used makeup to fake ‘bruises’ on half my face to represent the invisible side of our illness. As quite a few people liked the idea (including Jenny McGibbon who combined it with her cfsselfie with some amazing make up ♥) I have made a blog … More Using Visible Makeup To Represent Invisible Pain


We need a Breakthrough. We need something that will catch people’s attention, something that says THIS IS OUR PAIN. THIS IS HOW WE FEEL INSIDE. Not something that whispers heartless lists, something that makes everybody want to know more, want to know why. I want to find a way to make people understand the invisible … More Breakthrough


I don’t know why I’m here again. Not here, on my bed, in my room, at home… But here, this ‘place’ that I hate. The place where wild confusion and unpredictable tears rule. I promised I wouldn’t put myself in this position again; ‘I’m not being fair to me’, I decided. Sitting here I’m mulling over … More Perplexed


I stare at it. The icing a soft melting brown, the triangular shaped space where a slice used to be. It’s already cut. It’s waiting for someone to call over the counter and… I move on. Watching the wooden -or are they secretly plastic?- trays sliding along the bars, propelled by customer’s hands, I remember … More Cake