Scent-Free Sakara

Almost… I have decided to seek out scent free products wherever possible. Why? Having an abundance of resources avaliable on the Internet is a wonderful thing but can also make it hard to sift through and find relevant or, more to the point, truthful information so my argument is not one with endless scientific backing. … More Scent-Free Sakara

Visible Illness

This isn’t a normal campaign. I’m not asking you to donate money, time or to give up anything that is precious to you. I am only hoping that in time you might choose to. Invisible illness sufferers often seem ‘healthy’ or ‘fine’ to look at. Our awareness weeks and days come and go and a frustratingly huge … More Visible Illness

Face Makeup Tutorial

Criticising this I would have to say it’s not as realistic as May’s in my opinion. I feel that the red lipstick base would have improved it as the dark brown crème foundation does tend to take over! I personally prefer using powders to creams as they don’t seem to sludge together so much- the creams … More Face Makeup Tutorial