Sakara is Blogging Again!

Hello everyone! It’s been a couple of years since I posted here regularly. I still notice the occasional email though, telling me someone has liked an old post of mine. And I think of this site often. Not just the words I shared, and how planning them filled many lonely hours for me, but also the comments I received and the respect I found here. It still means so much. Especially since I was 15 when I started writing posts, an age when even my own doctors struggled to take me seriously, so it was more than a little surprising to find a better response from relative strangers on the internet!

A dear friend (who is a graphic designer, though I previously interviewed her here when she was still a student!) helped me to build a new website I’m proud of, which has more personality outside of the posts themselves and which can grow with me if I need it to (got to have somewhere to promote the new music some day, right?). I can’t currently justify the cost of adding an “email marketing” feature, something which would allow people to subscribe directly to my snazzy new custom-url non-wordpress-branded slice of the internet. But if you’ve missed me (okay, yes, I know: there are so many blogs out there that anyone noticing my lack of posting would’ve been an impressive feat!), don’t worry I’m back here too! I’ve decided to post monthly summaries of what I’ve been up to in new Sakara-land on here, with direct links to and details on each of my recent posts. I hope, more than I can say, that you’ll still enjoy my writing after all this time.

Additionally, if you use “BlogLovin'” you can follow me through them, visit my profile here.

So, onto the links and details from my first month on the adventure back into blogging! All links will open into a new tab πŸ™‚

My first post: Living On Lost Time

“Hello, it’s been a while since I heard the continuous clicking of laptop keys under my fingers. I’m glad to be back. Given the time that’s passed and the fact that I’m using a new website (more on how this came about in a future post) re-introductions feel appropriate…” After re-introducing myself and my interests I go on to explain my website’s tagline (the name of this post) and talk about my opinions on myself, my life, my disability… Below is a photo from Instagram, from the same set I use in this post:

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I HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! Click the link in my bio to visit my first post, it's called "Living On Lost Time" and explains my site's tagline, as well as hopefully setting the tone for the little internet space I'll be creating.🌱 I plan to keep it a mixture of the delicate photos and fashion I love, as well as making room for important topics which aren't always as pretty. 🎢 In the post I re-introduce myself and my interests. I also talk about my views of myself in relation to my disability, my past and how on earth I can imagine a future. 🌻 Blogging hasn't been something I've done regularly for a couple of years now, but it feels about time to create somewhere to share photos and messages that won't slide so quickly to the bottom of a social media feed. πŸ’• I can't tell you how much I hope you'll find something of value in there 🌱 ~ Photo description: A mirror selfie taken outside in a green spring time garden. I'm a thin white woman wearing a black and orange warm toned 1970s dress ~ ~ ~ #Spoonie #ChronicIllness #SickChick #MEcfs #MeAwareness #SpoonieBlogger #ChronicLoveClub #ButYouDontLookSick #DisabledFashion #CPunk #BabeWithAMobilityAid #BabesWithMobilityAids #DisabledModel #OOTD #RepresentationMatters #UpAndDressed #OOTDSocialClub #RetroStyle #VintageFashion #QuietInTheWild #ThatAuthenticFeeling #LiveTheLittleThings #ASecondOfWhimsey #DreamingInPictures #OfWhimsicalMoments #TheArtOfSlowLiving #ThatVelvetFeeling #SingerSongwriter #WriteWhatYouFeel

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Next, a format I never used when I posted here: Things I Came Across in May 2020

I’m terrible at saving things for a “later” that never comes, meaning I don’t find new music or books to read anywhere near as often as I’d like. So, selfishly, these monthly posts are motivation for me to explore a bit more and share what I find! The other half of the idea is to make sure I’m always sharing other people’s work. I know my blog won’t have many visits to begin with but it could one day, and I want to start as I mean to go on: by supporting others. This post is a big one! It covers a lot from a book I read about trees to a selection of Instagram photos I enjoyed during “The Vintage Fashion Challenge”.

My third post: An M.E. Awareness Week Summary

This post is more in depth than 2019’s MEAW summary posted on this site. (That’s actually the last time I posted here!). This time I transcribed most of my “Week With M.E” Instagram stories in the hope of making them more accessible and also giving all that work a the permanent home it deserved!

Finally (for now!): Things I Came Across in June 2020

Yes, another summary! I don’t plan on posting these in such quick succession in the coming months… I was pre-writing posts a long time before my site was ready, hence the miscalculation that had me thinking I would need a summary for May!! (which I ended up posting in late June! Can’t fault me on enthusiasm to get going).

This post includes music recommendations, a little art and even a small selection of petitions I support.


As I said, I truly hope you enjoy my new work. I don’t regret pausing in my writing of posts in recent years, it’s a break that I needed for my own piece of mind. But it does feel good to be back. I had such a strong sense of self when I first posted here, I think I lost that a little somewhere in the mess of deciding how to be an adult in this world. I’m excited that I seem to be finding it again, only as a “grown-up” this time around.


I wish you all well in the endlessly scary cycle of events our world seems to be committed to and promise I’ll keep you up to date with my new website and, through that, life in general.

If you’re reading this a someone who was here for my older posts, thank you for returning! And thank you for all the support you gave originally. (If you’re a new reader, hello and welcome! Hope you’re half as excited to find this as I am to share it!)

Love to you all,

-Sakara x

Image descriptions for above gallery: A collage of three photos, two mirror selfies of me (a thin white woman with gold-brown hair) and one picture of a hand, silhouetted in sunset light on a warm toned wall.

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