The future of Sakara Dee

Generally, people blog because they want others to read what they have to say. If you just wanted to “get it all out” you would probably use a private diary, that way -unless you happen to keep it under a bridge- you shouldn’t have to worry about trolls.

To start with I wanted to write witty little articles about chronic illness and attitudes (of sufferers and/or other people) towards it. I still love my very first proper post here and think it was my most successful attempt to follow my original aim. 

I felt like I just didn’t have enough interesting thoughts and experiences to talk about so I could keep it up so I ended up branching out a bit… At one point I think I tried to review every lip balm/tint/gloss I own for no apparent reason. Really I had aimed to write like a slightly informal newspaper. Not that newspapers can write (to my knowledge) but you know what I mean. It turned out searching up facts and/or statistics for every post and aiming for the standard of someone who WRITES FOR A LIVING (ie: journalist) wasn’t achievable for me (being sick and in education and all).

When trying to upload as much as possible with as little life experience as possible, I went through a time of being pretty ashamed of this blog. I was so scared of anyone I knew finding and reading it whereas before I would happily have asked my friends for their opinions on any of my posts! Why did that change? I soon realised I wasn’t being myself. I was trying to fit in with some imagined picture of what “blogger” Sakara should be like. But Blogger Sakara is simply normal Sakara who happens to be sharing some posts on the Internet. 
I want to start adding some photography posts here soon. “But Sakara!!! This isn’t a photography blog; shouldn’t you start a separate one for all that?” My name is at the top of this website so surely the content of the posts should be… Me.

Be that ME, funny wheelchair stories, tips on random things I’m trying to stop struggling with, fashion opinions or my photographs it all counts because it’s all a part of who I am.
That’s the future of this blog:

My future.

Because I make the blog, it doesn’t make up me.

Sakara x


One thought on “The future of Sakara Dee

  1. My blog also consists of a random collection of posts about me, don’t worry too much about categories! I used to think that I had to find a niche and the posts have felt so forced. Now that I’ve decided to just write about whatever I want – it’s my tiny corner in the internet and nobody is forced to read it – I feel so much better about it. And for some reason there are people who want to read about the randomness in my mind. So yeah, I definitely encourage you to post whatever you like. You are unique and don’t be afraid of being you ❤ I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of your photography!


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