Love lush? Love animals?

Well so does Lee-Ann. She has been holding raffles and auctions for a magical variety of lush & other cruelty free products. Most she buys the prizes with her own money, others are donated by others who want to help. ALL of the proceeds go to Animal Free Research UK and all the raffles cost you is one pound a ticket. She really knows how to put the “fun” in “fun-draising”. Yes I did just type that. Sorry.

Donating through paypal for Lee-Ann’s raffles and auctions involves an element of trust. How did I decide this was no scam? Well as she says herself “I am risking my LIFE for this charity…” How? Instagram based selling of cruelty free products is not her only commitment to raising money for the Animal Free Research charity. She will be jumping out of an airplane.

Lee-Ann’s parachute jump has been postponed once (due to weather conditions), her response? “More time to fundraise!” (I’ll be putting the link to her fundraising page at the end of this post as well as her instagtam).
The name of “Animal Free Research” speaks for itself, they fund different research projects to improve techniques that do not involve animals & aim to stop the use of animals in medical research.
Even if you don’t have any money to spare for raffles (or can’t use lush products & don’t know anyone who you could pass them on to!) Sharing Lee-Ann’s efforts at fundraising could be a real help in getting more people interested!

Thanks for reading!!!

Sakara πŸ™‚

Just Giving page:
Instagram (next raffle including roller ball bath bombs ending Friday!!):
Animal Free Research UK’S website:


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