Scent-Free Sakara


I have decided to seek out scent free products wherever possible. Why? Having an abundance of resources avaliable on the Internet is a wonderful thing but can also make it hard to sift through and find relevant or, more to the point, truthful information so my argument is not one with endless scientific backing.

However I do have some pretty solid reasons:

  • Some perfumes make me sneeze.
  • Matching or building ranges of scents can be frustrating  (shampoo, body wash, moisturisers, suncream and so on, not to mention actual perfume!)
  • Most of these scents are artificial chemical ingredients added for no other purpose (I’ll say more about the others later)
  • Because of the point above, products are just as good/still do their job without the scents so as my body has enough to deal with already I might as well go for the less aggressive option!
  • Also, scent free products often belong to “sensitive” ranges that have other benefits for me!

    What about more natural scents or those with a purpose?

    Having tea tree in oil in something, for example, can give it antibacterial properties. In cases like this (or if I happen to be in a Lush shop…) I’m happy to be relaxed about scents as long as they don’t have any obvious affects on me -I used to think bags of lavender were a good idea until I started doing more sneezing than sleeping- if I was extremely sensitive to added scents I would cut them out but as I’m not I still plan on enjoying the odd sweetly scented moment here and there. Maybe a lush bath or a favourite hand cream that I don’t want to give up.

    Why am I telling you all this?

    Being chronically ill is what has prompted me to cut down but it’s also what makes it trickier!! For one thing, scents are something you can enjoy with little energy so it can be difficult to see the benefits of cutting a lot out. Secondly (and more relevant to this post) is the fact that I have less energy or cognitive ability to shop around could easily make this a lengthy (not to mention costly) experience!

    As I (with the help of my wonderfully patient mother) find little things that help me along in my quest to be  (*almost*) scent free I would love to share them with you and give you a place to start. The great thing about this is that you can cut out as much or as little as you need/want to. So if, like me, you think switching (almost!!) Your whole range of products to ones with less scents and/or toxins sounds like a mammoth task, especially on a budget (in terms of both money and energy), then you’re in the right place!

    ~ Sakara.

    Some more natural sunscreens I have to try out (the green people ones are scent free). I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on.

    Some products I’m using at the moment, Green people sun cream is scent free, as are the bath salts. More details in a post soon β™‘

    2 thoughts on “Scent-Free Sakara

    1. I’m on the fragrance free bandwagon as well. I find most scented products incredibly overpowering, and prefer to wear unscented body products with a gentle essential oil perfume on top. It’s funny how much you notice added fragrance after not being used to it. The worst for me is definitely washing powder!

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      1. When I started thinking about this I didn’t even think of washing powder but I rekon that’s because I used to complain about it all. The. Time. And I’m not sure what we have now but I can’t remember what it smells like so we finally found a gentle one! My clothes don’t stink AFTER being cleaned πŸ˜›

        That sounds like a good plan as you have total control over how much smell there is because it’s only a little on top but you still get to enjoy it πŸ™‚

        I’ve even got an unscented Nivea face cream now! This sort of thing must be getting a lot more popular πŸ˜€


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