5 Tips for Sorting Your Room as a Spoonie

A quick rundown of some things I’ve discovered over the past few months of manic (well… As manic as it gets when you’re half asleep all the time) stuff-sorting.

I say “Your Room” as that’s the example I’ve been getting a LOT of experience with but some of these tips would work anywhere, others are more specific (like getting clothes in some sort of order).
Obviously these are just things that some times work for me. You could be completely different, let me know what works for you if you have the time ☺

1) Keep the Bed Clear:

I can’t nap in the day but do you know what I can do? Here’s a list:

  • Become suddenly *extra* exhausted with no warning.
  • Fall over (again, not a lot of warning here).
  • Become ridiculously emotional  (actually this is a warning of the above points).

Things I also do:

  • Clutter up my bed with so much stuff so I have nowhere to rest & end up needing to do more work to clear the bed before I can rest (by which time I’m beyond shattered)
  • Think that using the bed as a tidying “workspace” is a great idea (completley forgetting how badly it has gone the last 356 times I’ve tried this)

See what I mean? If I have no other avaliable space to lay things out and have to use my bed I now make sure to only use the bottom half, leaving space to curl up at the top if I need to. This is also a handy place to sit while sorting the other half of the bed which brings me on nicely to…
2) SIT (/lie) DOWN!!!

Make yourself as comfortable as possible. This point basically means “use the minimal amount of energy on everything else so you have more chance of getting some sorting done”.
3) Empty. Keep. Throw. 

If you’re anything like me and struggle to throw things away I highly recommend messing with the order in which you sort through things. 

I used to rifle through things searching for easy “throw” items, getting rid of them then feeling stuck and disappointed with myself.

This wouldn’t work for everyone but now I empty everything out onto the floor (all the tops in my top drawer for example; not the whole chest of drawers at once!!!) And am prepared to leave it there for as long as it takes to sort out (see point four).  

Then I do the opposite to what I would usually expect myself to do: pick out the things I know I need to keep. This seems to make it less *~scary~* as the only 100% definite decisions I’m making are the nice ones: what stays. It also allows me to be really picky about what I put back in the drawer, only the best bits go back to start of with. Those which are lovely and practical.

Once you have the best bits you can see what is missing -a plain black tshirt maybe- then find it in the pile on the floor and put it away. Testing all the items you put back like this means you’ll only be keeping things you’ll really wear/use.

Unless you’re me and decide that mini skirt with floor length tassles is just to fabulous to part with…

Anyway, now it’s time to throw things out (it always makes me feel better if they go on eBay or to a charity shop rather than the bin) the idea behind sorting like this is that rather than the pile becoming more and more valuable to you (as you get rid of the things you don’t like) it slowly becomes less and less significant as you put your favourite items back where they belong… Well, hopefully. 
4) No Ultimate Time Limits:

Giving myself a week to ‘blitz’ the whole room never (ever-ever-ever!!!) Ends well for me. Give yourself time. You’re doing this for you & every bit sorted is an amazing achievement -no, seriously! No sarcasm intended- give yourself time and don’t make yourself sicker over this!
5) Lots of Bitesize Time Limits:

Speaking of time limits, alow me to contradict myself! Personally I’ll go on wayyy past the limits of my health and make myself feel awful without even noticing (until it’s too late!!) So setting a little timer on my phone really helps me not to go overboard.

Think you can do half an hour? Try setting 15 minutes then stopping for a drink. That way if you still feel okay you can do the rest of the time you were aiming for after a rest. It is usually better to stop and see rather than going too far πŸ™‚
In conclusion:

I really hope some of that was helpful. It’s mostly just common sense but like I said in the last point, it’s so easy to run over your limits without even realising. I’m here to tell you not to forget to look after yourself even when you’re in the middle of something!
~ Sakara x

P.S. Speaking of limits; this post started off as “10 things…” oops! 


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