Face Makeup Tutorial

I started with some light (but darker than my skintone) brown creme foundation. I was tired at this point (as you might be able to see…) so forgot the first red lipstick stage! (see hand tutorial post)
Started to layer it up with a little darker brown and you can start to see a bit of a main pattern on my forehead now.
Here I have added a little lilac eyeshadow. Blue is great for this too.
Adding to what I already had and starting to use my ‘real’ signs of tiredness as a guide now…
… Here you can see it’s almost like contouring and highlighting!!! I’m trying to enhance the shadows and lines under my eyes (never thought I’d want to do that…)
Adding more colour.
Not the best photo but shows some more build up.
Similar to the end result. This time I used a berry lip shade around my lips rubbing it in at the edges of my lips and over them on to my skin. I think it’s quite effective!
Compared to the last photo you can see under my eyes is more defined (I look so happy in all these pictures don’t I!!?)
And the finished effect!

Criticising this I would have to say it’s not as realistic as May’s in my opinion. I feel that the red lipstick base would have improved it as the dark brown crème foundation does tend to take over! I personally prefer using powders to creams as they don’t seem to sludge together so much- the creams seem better as a base… Hence the name ‘foundation’… But I’m getting a little more used to them now. Do this in any way you like. Have experience with Halloween makeup? Use it! Make cuts and scars it’s your invisible pain you’re representing. Not mine or anyone else’s.

Above all, Hope you enjoy it.

Sakara -AKA the half dead looking girl in all these photos.


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