MIAW: The truths about Mental Illnesses

This is such an amazing, honest post. A true illness is not a choice. Physical or mental.

Lucy and A Cup Full of Tea

There’s a lot of misconceptions of mental illnesses and maybe from the outside, these are hard to see, but I don’t know.

These days, mental illnesses are very much romanticised and made to be a positive thing. Often this is portrayed in medias such as TV shows.

First off, depression is not always caused by bullying. Or even abuse. Depression can hit anyone. Traumatic events are not the thing to determine whether someone is suffering with depression or not. Yes, traumatic events can most certainly trigger it off, but it does not mean you have to have suffered something traumatic to be depressed.

Depression isn’t just a feeling of sadness either. It’s actually much more complicated that that. Some people dislike it when people say they “feel depressed” because depression is an illness. I am not one of these people, however. I do believe people can experience feeling depressed without…

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