Using Visible Makeup To Represent Invisible Pain



In May I used makeup to fake ‘bruises’ on half my face to represent the invisible side of our illness. As quite a few people liked the idea (including Jenny McGibbon who combined it with her cfsselfie with some amazing make up ♥) I have made a blog post to show that although it looks complicated what I did was just a matter of layering cheap products that I already owned so that more people could join in. What would this raise awareness for? Invisible pain. That affects people suffering with other invisible illnesses like EDS and Fibro too. Plus it can get confusing. My hypermobility causes me pain as well as my ME so what condition do my ‘bruises’ actually stand for? Someone’s depression might worsen their physical pain so… Should they tone down the ‘bruises’ to represent only one part of their suffering? No.

The two benefits of raising awareness In my mind are 1) that it brings us together and helps us to get to know each other/feel united as a community and 2) obviously we are trying to reach others outside of our community to promote understanding of our almost invisible illness. If, instead of waiting for our awareness week in May, we go for it throughout this month in the run up to Halloween would anyone be interested in getting involved? That way someone with ANY invisible illness can join in meaning more people will be included and if posted under tags like ‘Halloween makeup’ as well as ‘ME awareness’ wouldn’t healthy people be more likely to come across our posts?

I would suggest (and have made a tutorial for) covering our hands because I know the face is a big job and can be really awkward to wash off especially as it can be heavy round the eyes! Whereas you can use hand soap as usual and get things like eyeshadow off easily 🙂 Although I will be writing up the face as well to give you that option as it would have more impact and many people are okay/more used to wearing makeup than I am (I have the step by step photographs I just need to take time to upload and write about them)

If you are interested please let me know so I have some idea how many people would like to be involved.

Thank you so much for reading this!





Mess around with the browns to make an uneven base (no blending yet! You want a realistic uneven finish) ~~A part of the tutorial post.




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