Bruised Hand Tutorial

I use whatever I have available but the basic list here is: Red lipstick. Some form of light brown -foundation, eyeshadow, bronzer… Darker than your skin tone but not as dark as… Some kind of dark brown (see before for suggestions) and Purple and/or Blue colour, again this could be eyeshadow or anything else (I have got better results with powder than creme!)
I didn’t use red lipstick in May but I love the effect it gives.
Put the lipstick on the areas you want to ‘bruise’, going slightly wider than you want it to end up. This will make that irritated/inflamed pink edge that bruises often have.
Think of it as how skin tends to go pink before a bruise shows up.
Now I went to my creme foundation contour palette.
A light brown darker than my skin tone to go over the red and mark out the area I want to bruise. This is all about layering so you won’t really notice this coat by the end it’s just a marker for you right now!
Use a darker brown to mark the ‘worst’ part of the bruise. Think about how bruises are often darker at some points than others.
Mess around with the browns to make an uneven base (no blending yet! You want a realistic uneven finish)
Another dark brown (this time in my preferred eyeshadow/powder form!) This pallete also contains a blue I use later.
More colour options.
Using the lighter brown.
And darker brown to get that varied natural look πŸ™‚
Not realistic at this point DO NOT PANIC like I have said this is a layering thing and it will improve!!!
I used some dark brown creme on my nail to make a sharper/more precise line.
The result πŸ™‚
Take a break if you need to! Resting is good here, you’ll come back more refreshed and with a better idea what you’re missing πŸ™‚
Such a mess so far, right!??
I don’t own a blending sponge type thing (I have so much knowledge!) and I think it’s a good thing NOT to use. Like I keep saying bruises are not smooth and blended! What I do use this brush for though is gently blending the colours so it doesn’t look so harsh/false/drawn on. If you ‘mess up’ do not worry! anything you have done will make a great base. I’ve found the more you layer the better it turns out. Remember; bruises can go pretty deep!!!!

Keep going!!! I will upload more photos to this post (hopefully tomorrow) but I wanted to get this up ASAP to give you an idea of what it can involve ❀


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