Slogging Your Misconceptions

Slogging my way through the start of the day just got tougher. Maybe the word ‘just’ is a little inappropriate there, ‘just’ seems to imply an immediate effect, at least something that has only become a problem moments ago. There has been no sudden turn of events; I do not work in an office where the boss has just banned coffee drinking at all desks due to the risk of expensive computer-lives. I don’t work at all.


My name is Sakara, I’m a teenage girl who is still in education. I never go out without a perfectly coordinated outfit or my wheelchair. Yep, wheelchair. I said it and you just read it. I want you to know that I can walk and that there is no sign that I am disabled on my face- unless you count the pale skin and dark circles under my eyes. I’m not vain but am passably pretty in the way a lot of girls my age are. I don’t wander around silently worshiping my own glorious beauty or avoiding mirrors at all costs for fear of being reminded how hideous I am. Why am I telling you all this? Because these are all things you could learn about me just by watching me walking around the streets of my local town. Only you won’t. Won’t see me walking, and therefore, are unlikely to learn any of those facts on your own. I’m not ‘the girl with the cute socks’ that you saw or ‘the one with pretty long hair’ I’m the girl with smiley faced wheel covers, the girl in the wheelchair.


Sorry if I’m lumping you in with the rest of humanity in thinking that you see me in this way. If you don’t feel like that it is obviously a bonus. But it seems a rare one.


What is it that separates you from us in a way that blocks all empathy for so many? I want your help, if you are healthy, I want you to tell me if you know anyone who is disabled, how did that change your opinions? Did it make you more open? Are you less quick to judge? If you don’t know someone I want to be that someone, sitting on my bed, typing little rambling posts that give you a tiny glimpse of the way I think so you can hopefully see I’m not an alien! I’m human just like you and we come in so so many different forms, some less able to physically -or mentally- deal with your version of everyday life than others.


Hope to see you again. When I am able I intend to share more of my interests on this page as my mini rambles might start to become a little repetitive and I would like to give you a better idea of who I am as a person, not just as a girl who dislikes being lumped together with her wheelchair in people’s minds as well as physically. Until then there’s always my Instagram which is @ sakatadee and I’ve put up in the sidebar of my blog. Look forward to hearing from you.





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