This isn’t a new beginning; this is learning from what I’ve already written.

My blog finally has a subtitle.

I have dedicated this site not to a specific genre of post or a part of my life but to me and ME. This is why I’ve never seen fit to give it a name other than my own: Sakara Dee. However I have always thought a tagline would be nice; especially since my title isn’t all that descriptive.

Then, one night at it-must-be-tomorrow-by-now o’clock when I couldn’t sleep, I wrote my diary. I talked about all the times I’d promised myself a ‘fresh start’, claimed that I wouldn’t repeat the same old mistakes and wouldn’t get so caught up in wrongly blaming myself for everything that I’d miss the true cause and only make myself sicker. Every time -as far as I was concerned- I’d let myself down and so the cycle continues. I wrote how I suspected that this was a result of my ‘fresh start’. If you decide you don’t like a book you’re writing, that it’s missing the point and you’ll never be happy with it, why not start again? But, if you erase all your text, burn all the notebooks, what do you have to stop manuscript mark two from turning out exactly the same as your first attempt? Surely by keeping all your notes and referring back to the original text you can see where you went wrong and prevent your second draft from meeting an unfortunate end in the garden with a box of matches! I didn’t need a new beginning, a fresh notebook and a ‘New Folder’ on my computer. I needed to learn from what I’d already ‘written’ in the past while moving on to make new mistakes rather than repeating the old ones!


Soon after this I went back to the issue of the blog’s tagline. But how to sum up a blog about my life that describes some specific events but is by no means a diary… That includes my ‘Pretty Sick’ posts. The standard teenage review, fashion or lifestyle posts with a low energy/chronic illness twist. I’ve known for some time that the main reason for writing this blog has to be the same as it’s focus: me! My standard posts help me to work through things in my mind and the P.S. Posts do the same, are fun and -I hope- might help others struggling with the same things I do. My mind went back to my diary. What was it exactly that I’d written at the end of my entry? I’d put that this time, unlike the ones before it, “This isn’t a new beginning; this is learning from what I’ve already written.” While living in the past won’t get me anywhere, ignoring the bad memories won’t make it any easier to make new good ones. ‘Learn from your mistakes’ is almost a bit of a clichΓ© and doesn’t exactly help but putting it in my own words, and knowing the story behind them, does. And that is exactly what I want my blog to do. So I could finally describe, in ‘a few words’. I’d found my subtitle.




5 thoughts on “This isn’t a new beginning; this is learning from what I’ve already written.

  1. Really liked this blog post btw hope you don’t mind but I kinda wrote a blog post about you(not in a creepy way I promise) just you really inspired me you should read it.

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