Sitting Pretty


I’m always uncomfortable. Having hypermobility makes me feel as ‘normal’ person might after sitting in one place for hours, when I’ve only been in that position for a few minutes. Posture is a constant battle. My body doesn’t want to sit or stand as it’s meant to and this worsens all my aches and pains. Today I will tell you about my ‘wedge’ as I’ve always called it, that has been a great help to me when sitting- especially when writing- in the hope that it might be the right thing to aid you, too!


Below is a photograph of my ‘back in action posture pack’ folder and seat wedge. When I got mine, I believe it was only available in blue and red (it now comes in ‘graphite’ too) no funky prints or shocking pinks but they’re not garish or tacky in appearance which is definitely a plus as they won’t distract from your writing/drawing and should fit in with most colour schemes/work areas.



The set is in two parts. One is grey and feels like rubber. This is for sitting on and isn’t soft like a cushion but not 100% solid either. The pictures below (taken from the back in action website) show how this changes your posture for the better in a much clearer way than my explanations could!

For me it feels as if it is taking away some of the pressure of holding my back in the ‘right’ position.

From the back in action website showing the red desk part/ring binder and grey seat wedge as well as the folder and pencil case.



The second part of the pack looks basically just like a ring binder and the seat part fits inside. When you open it the Velcro makes what seems like a horrendous noise (I used to take one of these into a classroom and I always dreaded having to open it as the noise drew the attention of kids who would ask what it was/why I had to use it. Now this probably wouldn’t be an issue for me but back then it was petty awkward). But aside from that it’s all very straight forward. The only downside is the Velcro-flap part makes a bump on the wedge and that sometimes annoys me or gets in the way although, when using the wedge with a laptop -something its brilliant for- this does stop said laptop from falling off… On the back in action website all the benefits of the desk part are explained. It really does stop you from slouching as much but not by making you feel uncomfortable so you consciously change your

The fold makes a bump that can be annoying.

position, rather by making sitting up straight the automatic, more comfortable and attractive option.



It also comes with a pencil case that has rings for the binder (yes it doesn’t just look like one but actually has a binder that you can put hole punched sheets on to) and a folder for papers you don’t want to hole-punch. The carry handle is, I assume, great if you’re healthy and want to carry it around with you like a brief case but it is (to me) reasonably heavy and the solid handle makes your hand/fingers ache after a short while. I’ve always thought two holes punched in the top/back (either side of where the handle is) would be a nice addition so you could attach a shoulder strap!!



In short; for me, it does do what it says on the website (and don’t be put off by lots of talk about children and schools; It’s fine for teens and adults too) and it has been a really great help to me. Recently it has also enabled me to do work in bed without having to find a heavy hardback book to lean on (the desk part is lighter than the average large hardback).


It doesn’t seem exactly cheap but the one I have always kept at home I’d say looks pretty much new after years of use and the blue one that used to ‘live’ in school did fine until it was ‘misplaced’ by someone and came back some time later looking like it had been on a building site! Once I’d cleaned off the yellow-grey dust that clung to it there wasn’t too much damage- a small tear (shown below) and some scratches on the surface. I have no idea what happened to it but essentially it coped okay as I still tearuse it on a regular basis with no trouble. These could last any amount of time within reason depending on how they’re used. Neither of mine have been carried by the handle for long periods of time so I don’t know what stress that would put on it.


If you are able to try one of these out in a shop or if someone you know has one I’d recommend giving it a go. Their website is: where you can find lots of extra information.

Of course I wasn’t sponsored to do this in any way et cetera et cetera… I just thought of how much it has helped me and the fact that I wouldn’t have known it existed if someone hadn’t told me.


Good luck finding something that works for you.




seatone                  seatwo


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