Welcome Back, Me!

Hello everyone! I’m back and ready to make this blog work- starting tomorrow. Not just for readers but for me.

Lots of stuff coming up soon including my ‘Dear Friend’ post; something I wrote while wondering what I would say to someone every time I don’t turn up or have to change plans for, what would seem to them, a small and silly reason. Pretty Sick posts are also here to stay! The first that I have planned is all about planning, funnily enough. The filo-fax filling techniques I used to use followed by what works for me now (and thank goodness it takes some of the stress away).

I will not be deleting my old posts, partly because I think they’re a nice record and also because it wasn’t so much the posts themselves that were the issue but the lack of inspiration or desire to make more of them!

If there’s anything you’d like me to write about, just ask and- as always – any comments that are positive or contain constructive criticism are more than welcome (plain old insults will be deleted!)

Thank you so much for reading this. I hope you enjoy my posts that I want to upload every Sunday butΒ Β  as I have very unpredictable health issues… I can’t promise anything!

Bye for now,



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