Pretty Sick (PS) ‘no fuss’ lip products

If you have a chronic illness, the littlest of fun things – that ‘healthy’ teens would take for granted – are often a real struggle. Like make-up, shopping or spending time with friends. Rather than writing about pretty products that I’ve no doubt have been reviewed many times before, or constantly throwing my experiences as a sick teen at you, I give you ‘pretty sick’ because often that little P.S. hidden at the end? That’s important.

The balms

First off are the lip balms that don’t show, just moisturize your lips with maybe a little shine and the tinted versions.

Vaseline (petroleum jelly);

Cocoa butter for smooth plain shine, rosy lips for fun, gentle colour and spf15 for easy sun protection.


Colourless options like the aloe Vera or cocoa butter are a little softer/smoother than the original and not as dense. So I think they’re easier to apply and have a glossier finish, without being sticky like lots of  actual lip glosses.

‘Rosy lips’ is a lot like the ones I mentioned above in that it is very smooth, easy to apply and provides lots of moisture. The colour definitely shows but it is soft and ‘rosy’ like the name suggests.

I wouldn’t recommend them for by your bed because the tins are (sometimes) frustratingly hard to open- especially with tired or shaky hands or when you are finding it hard to grip, although this rarely causes too much of a problem.

A similar product is Nivea lip butter, shown in the featured photo, also in a tin but this time more creamy and less oily. the tin is also usually easier to open.

Carmex (moisturising lip balm);

Carmex comes in a tube (see picture) and I’ve only tried Cherry flavour so far. It looks like gel and smells quite strong, like menthol sweets as well as cherry. It feels strange to me when first applied- cold and a little tingly like it’s some kind of medical cream. It seems stronger than ordinary balms and is, if I remember rightly, more expensive. I usually use it if my lips are very dry or split. A similar products Nivea ‘intense care’ that also comes in a tube, but a smaller white one and (it may be psychological because the packaging is less appealing and more medical- I’m not sure) seems even more concentrated and does not come in different flavours as far as I know so I only use it when I really need ‘intense’ care.

Maybelline’s Baby Lips

IMAG8634Smooth, light and slightly glossy (in a natural looking way) I use these balms a lot. They are very moisturising, quite long lasting and give your lips a smooth, healthy appearance (mine are prone to cracking and these are a great help to top up but I wouldn’t recommend them to start off with because you will use up a lot at once. Products like the ones listed above are better for serious help or first thing in the morning use, in my experience)

Hydrate and intense care (blue/pink and yellow/orange in the photograph) seem much the same to me. And fit the general description above and are colourless, these are often by my bed because they’re easy to open/use and you don’t need to check them in a mirror.

Three of the available colours, best over a base layer if you have dry lips.


Electro, Strike a Rose, is not the kind of balm I’d apply without a mirror! It is quite a bright pink and I don’t feel it compliments a tired, pale face so I barely use it. Although when a very small amount is used it can be quite nice and is a fun colour. I’d recommend putting any strong colour over a plain balm so the moisture is already there and you only need the harsher one for a top splash of colour. The same for the purple Electro, although personally this suits me better so is used more often. When I am out, if I’m taking a tinted balm I always take a plain one too. The only exception is rosy Vaseline because it is very moisturising and not too overpowering on it’s own.

 I’d recommend putting any strong colour over a plain balm so the moisture is already there and you only need the harsher one for a top splash of colour

The Glosses

I much prefer balms as glosses tend to be sticky and annoying but these are my favourites…

Loreal’s Glam shine

IMAG8628I love the shape of the ‘wand’ in this one, it’s wide making it easy to apply, but the actual gloss is sticky and ‘Glam’ as promised… So it’s great for a fun over the top shine, but not exactly practical.


Calvin Klein, rose* ‘ultimate edge’ lip glossIMAG8638

Best applied with a lip brush over a plain moisturising balm and, in my experience, you need quite a bit in one go. Lovely subtle finish- no glitter or overpowering shimmer. Reminds me of nude lipstick. *(other shades available)

No 7 Lipicious ‘marshmallow’

IMAG8631My favourite. Classic gentle shine and light nude colouring. Also quite moisturising. I’m not sure if it’s still sold but I hope so, as I’d buy it again.

Balance me, colour, shine on tinted lip salve ‘sheer red’IMAG8630

(Limited edition) Much as above but with a stronger red tint. Also quite thick with a great shine. (moisturises well).

The Lipstick

I’ve only found one that’s fuss free and suits me:

Clinique, nude pop (miniature sample size, free with Glamour magazine)

IMAG8637Smooth, buttery, two in one lipstick and primer. Perfect but thick natural finish, long lasting and never comes off on my teeth- a first for me. A lovely nude shade, easy to apply and stays put. Apparently the full size is even better quality, something I find hard to imagine!



I hope some of that you found useful. I tried to focus of the more practical sides of the products, if you want to see any different photos or have a question ask in the comments below! This is my first Pretty Sick post, I’m hoping to do more soon.


P.S. I may be sick, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look good too.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Sick (PS) ‘no fuss’ lip products

  1. Hi ,
    I love your post so much ! This is great advice ! I personally find that i need to wear alittle blusher on my cheeks , to wear the baby lips colours and not look like “Wednesday Addams sister “! However I have seen on Instagram that Maybelline is bringing out a new baby lips blusher – so maybe it will be as easy to use !? I cannot wait to see your other “pretty sick posts !” Could you do one about your favourite/recommended jewellery ? thankyou 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment! I never seem to get around to wearing much other make up 🙂 I’ll see what I can think of as I tend to forget I own jewellery but I will have a look, thanks again!


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