*This is not one of my usual posts, it is my entry for LyfwithEm’s short story competition but I will try to make it fit in with my usual topics in a way. I have chosen the topic ‘Isolation/Loneliness’*

Once I felt so tall and free, the wind rustled by my perch and I could’ve asked for nothing more. Then came the cold days. The bitter chill that seemed to tear me in two, the wind that no longer rustled but howled by, furious with all who dared to block it’s path.

Slowly I felt myself weakening, loosing my grip. I couldn’t fall; I was hanging on so tightly and even though it took all my remaining strength, it bought me precious weeks as those around me withered. Vital days passed turning to hours, minutes… Seconds.

Then it was over. The others lay scattered all around me, some even having the misfortune to break my fall. I realised then that surrounded I may be but I was most definitely alone. Time passed, is it a clichΓ© to say that in the end I lost track of it? If so, that wouldn’t make it an less true. I stared up at the sky and fear gripped me; there was nothing I could do to change this, make it better, get back to where I once was… Up there with them- tall and free.

Sometimes even the lucky ones would be plucked from the lives they knew, only to be thrown away, discarded and slowly forgotten.

We were all the same in that we were all worlds apart from each other, scattered on the wind we used to love, occasionally lifted by what we thought to be a kind hand, only to be gathered up and propelled through the air, kicked, torn and broken once more.

Eventually I stopped trying. Letting myself be crushed underfoot, allowing the storms to play their vicious games until I was nothing more than a reminder, a reminder of what once was- what could’ve been if only this world was a little different. If only I could be free once more. Time was when I would have given anything for the ability to lift myself up and return to my old life. Now I can barely recall why.

Then everything changed. In a moment. I was flying through the air; whisked away by a previously unknown hand. There were others beside me as we were carried far away from the nightmare. She was like a sunrise after the never-ending darkness of a cloudy night. We were arranged and settled, stuck in place once more but this time it was so, so warm. The howling wind was locked away outside, it couldn’t hurt us now. I know this won’t last forever; I can feel the cold threatening once more, every time she cries, every time she passes us by without a glance but it’s okay. For now, at least, we are safe. Maybe knowing that nothing in this cruel, cruel world is perfect, but still being able to enjoy the flickering candle light in the dark makes me stronger. Stronger than I was before when all I knew and enjoyed was the glorious light of the sun.


Thank you for reading!

I’m quite pleased that it ended up at exactly 500 words πŸ™‚



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