Make the most of it…

How often do we think, hear or say these words? They can mean different things to different people- taking lots of photos on a day you want to remember to one person, whereas another might just want to relax and take everything in without feeling the need to record every moment.

I always used to over think things; rather than doing what feels right I’ll weigh up the options logically and often leave it too late to make a decision. Lately I’ve been improving but on a bad day (because of illness) I’m not up to much other than thinking, so things can get difficult.

Everything is so busy- shops open every day, non stop social media alerts and advertisements trying to convince us that we ‘need’ the latest ‘must have’ items. Even by creating this blog I am forcing my brain to consider so many things: what do I want to write? What will people want to read? Won’t I be embarrassed if someone I know discovers my account? I think I’ve found answers to all those questions now but there will always be more.

Lots of articles seem to be coming out lately about ‘de-stressing’ or how small decisions can tire your brain. Not to mention the adult colouring books. Maybe if everyone had a job and life they loved then we would all relax? Or maybe never being truly satisfied is human nature. I was reading a magazine recently and one man said something like ‘we always want more choice but, in reality, are brains are baffled by the variety of options available,’ and it’s true- since when did deciding what to eat become so complicated?

All I can say is that hardly anyone, least of all me, wants to give up their freedom to choose. I love to try new things when I can and talk to different people on those sites that make me put my phone on silent sometimes. Think about it; what side of choice makes you feel free? And what side makes you feel tied to a constant decision-making nightmare? I, for example, have now turned off most notifications on devices so I will only be told when things that are truly important to me happen. This way I feel like it’s up to me when I browse on Instagram, rather than being constantly tempted by my noisy little phone…



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