Pretty Sick

The Blog: Β 

This blog is not about product reviews or make-up tutorials. It mostly contains my observations of life as a teenage girl with a twist- my illnesses. I don’t aim to be negative, ranting about my issues and constantly complaining but, at the same time, being unrealistic and overly positive only brings you down in the end. So a mix of opinions and advice is what (for me) would make my WordPress a success. And if I can change someone’s opinion about chronic illnesses for the better or help someone who’s already suffering to not feel quite so alone then that is brilliant.

The plan

I am planning a series of posts that you might see on any girl’s page- advice on hair, make-up and styling. Though as always, they won’t be quite like an average post.


I’d never claim to have expert knowledge of hairstyling, beauty or fashion but I have better-than-expert knowledge of fatigue; it’s called experience. I don’t want to clog up my first ‘pretty sick’ post with explanations so I’ve chosen to write this separate piece. Make-up minus the fuss, hairstyles that don’t give me headaches and outfits made easy, here we come.

Don’t go away…

If any of that sounds like good reading- even if you are ‘healthy’- fashion should be fun, not stressful, and who doesn’t want an easier life? It might take me some time to complete but I will get there.




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