But… You don’t look sick…

A big part of the battle that invisible illness fighters face is that our illnesses are, well, invisible. I know complaining gets you comments like ‘at least it’s not cancer’ or people simply think that you might say looking ‘normal’ is frustrating but really you don’t know how lucky you are; actually looking sick would be so hard to cope with for you.

I might look like a healthy, albeit tired, teenage girl with pastel nails and long hair but in reality I have an awful lot more to take on board in life. My illnesses and everything that comes with them on top of all the usual things teens face. If I’m complaining about having to brush my hair (on a side note my hair is quite fine and mats oh so easily) you might think “Yeah, you and every other girl with long hair!” But something not many people seem to realise is that as well as headaches/dizziness/fatigue and so on, having a condition like ME magnifies all the issues ‘everyone else has to deal with too’ and makes brushing your hair more than a minor inconvenience…

All this came into my mind today when I decided to wash my hair. See, I may not be able to hold a full conversation sometimes but that does not mean I’m not practically writing a novel in my head (that’s a topic for another post…). I have had my hair cut recently and those few inches made a big difference in weight and how easy it is to manage, though even when I had a bob it still refused to remain untangled. Because of that I refuse to have any more chopped off as it wouldn’t really change the situation. That is why I’m trying out the argan oil in the featured image, hoping it will give me that weightless just-left-the-hairdressers feeling. I’m guessing this last paragraph sounded rather similar to what any teen girl might be talking about, aside from the fact that I’m turning to hair products to try and prevent crippling headaches and arm aches from hair brushing; not just a minor frizz issue. This is what I mean by ‘classic’ small troubles being magnified for people with these illnesses.

If you’re reading this and don’t have a chronic or invisible illness I hope you don’t decide to leave, believing this is a ‘Sick girls only!’ Zone. It’s not. I’m hoping if you stick around then maybe you’ll get a better understanding of that girl in your class who’s always off sick because she’s ‘tired’- maybe she’s more like you than you thought and not lazy after all. Or maybe there was a reason she looked like she hadn’t bothered to brush her hair…

Healthy girls (and indeed guys) more than welcome. Hope to see you next time.


P.S. If you are ill reading this then thank you for using up some of your limited energy on my blog! I really appreciate it and would love to hear your experiences/what you think of this post!


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