What is the point in it? Pain is unpleasant, obviously, and depressing when it’s constant. It’s never the cause of a problem though, is it? Pain lets you know that something’s wrong. Put your hand on a hot surface, ouch! Take it off. By what do you do when pain has no obvious cause? That headache who refuses to leave you alone, the nausea and dizziness that force you to lie down… Too much time in front of a screen, no, dehydration, no, hunger, no. I know I have three chronic illnesses, unexplained pain is just a part of life, right? Not good enough. Not when it stops you from doing the things you love, keeps you from people and makes you downright argry.

Sadly, I can’t write this to give you a miracle cure, not even to tell you ‘what works for me…’ That last point is coming soon. I’m determined to find something now. I would say ‘I can’t just sit here’ but that’s exactly what I’m going to do. For one thing, my head spins when I stand up, for another- I’m not exactly in the right state to go out searching; so internet it is.

This is going to be fun…

Although somehow I am not surprised that all I’ve ‘found out’ so far is what I already knew… I will let you know if anything turns up or I have any theorys that are slightly better than laughable (particularly on the causes of ME) but in the meantime I have been meaning to do some positive ‘healthy-people-blog-posts-with-a-twist’ like wheelchair shopping sprees! So I hope I will have time for them in between everyday things, being exhausted, research and, you know, staying alive!



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