Hello WordPress!

My name is Sakara and I have me/cfs, alsg/ladds syndrome and hypermobility. I also have a love of sarcasm and good books, among other things… Sadly most people seem to choose one set of characteristics, either my illnesses or interests, and completely ignore the others.
Friends forget I’m ill and can’t come out with them for a day that would involve ‘A lot of walking…’ Then professionals forget I have a personality and a great skill for analyzing people, you’d be surprised how many different ways there are of carefully asking if I feel depressed.
So, with this account I will not make the blog of a ‘spoonie’ or that of a converse-wearing teenage girl but MY blog. Why choose? Just because I have a headache every second of the day, doesn’t mean I can’t coordinate an outfit.
See you when I’ve got something to say!


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